Bruns-Gutzwiller Company News

In order to keep everyone up-to-date with the the happenings of the company & it’s employees, we are going to begin

to post company news and important events that affect our BG family.

We will endeavor to let you know new projects we are working on, general company news and important employee events & birthdays. Everyone please contact Mary, Jenny, or Scott with important items and events you want share!

To start off, I thought I would let everyone know what we are currently working on and project

we were recently awarded.

Here it goes!

New Awards

Saint Maurice Catholic Church Masonry
Margaret Mary Community Hospital Physicians Office
Dry Creek WWTP


Currently Bidding

Greensburg Waste-water Treatment Admin.

R ising Sun Casino Expansion
City of Mad

ison Clearinghouse Renovation

Also Tony is looking at several school masonry projects in Cincinnati.

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