What You Can Expect From Bruns Gutzwiller

Bruns-Gutzwiller is a closely held corporation by four principles.

The senior principal is William R. Gutzwiller. The remaining principals are James A Brun, P.O. , Thomas J. Bruns and Timothy D.

Bruns. The company is the result of a merger between Bruns Brothers Masonry adnd the W.A. Gutzwiller Company. We have been an active company in business for over 80 years.


The company retains an office of ten professional and administrative personnel and maintains a year-round work force 100 skilled craftsmen.

These individuals give Bruns-Gutzwiller, Inc. the control of doing its own excavation, demolition, concrete, masonry, carpentry, and millwork.

Their teamwork and loyalty give Bruns-Gutzwiller, Inc., the advantage of being able to control the schedule, cost and quality, while maintaining flexibility and safety.

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